Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Evah! -Yesterday

day one
I just have to carry on about the yard thing. I'm in a mood. I didn't actually finish my post yesterday. I was going to write more, but I forgot to take additional pictures, because I was obsessed with listing Sunday. Here is the progress someone has made with the mess. You can see the difference from Day One. Someone dumped one of the buckets and moved some of the stuff off the sidewalk. Nice job guys!

progress one week later
I know you think this is funny, but if you lived here you wouldn't. They get all angry that the yard is a mess and that we should clean up our junk. Then I point out that it's their stuff and they just say "OH!" Even the toys are left over from other tenants and they don't even remember. They just think, "toys = kids = yours".

I'm sure we'll get blamed for that love seat, that their boys took out of their bedroom. The furniture was taken from our house, left from a renter, and brought into theirs after it sat out in the snow for several months.

Usually that part of the yard is not that bad. But the front yard is another story. Our front yard, their side yard. They fill it with tables as though they were entertaining, and a row of seats as though it's a resort on a private lake. But it is the most horrid furniture one can find by the side of the road. 

This is much neater than usual, but this is the view from our porch and front window. It is like this everyday. That's cat food on the Picnic table that the FIL's father built and he won't get rid of. 

Yes that is an exerciser on the front lawn that nobody uses. It's been setting there for as long as I can remember. Well, actually it moves around the yard when the lawn is getting mowed, but it stays wherever it lands. Also if you look very closely near the road, that is a planter made out of an old car tire, painted white. Usually there are more chairs, but MIL has been leaving them all over the yard and the neighborhood, so the row or chairs is a little depleted. There can be as many as 6 on a good day. 

MIL painted the picnic table for a party. That day she and her clothes were covered with Green. I said, "You're all Green!" She said she didn't know it was oil paint and she didn't have anything to clean with. So she had to go the the store covered in Green paint to buy paint remover. The stones below were covered with green paint too. And yes, that table really torques just like it looks. 

In case you are wondering the rest of the neighborhood does not look like this. See - peaceful and idyllic and mostly we like to look out at this view. 
From our side of the house, the view of the lake and the wildflowers and grape vines, and the neighbors who don't collect stuff and put it on their lawn.

Sometimes you have to look hard to find the roses to take the time to smell, but if you do, you'll be surprised what you can find. That and closed window blinds, will get you great peace of mind.


akaCINDERS said...

I had to add. I looked out the window this morning and other than what was to be thrown out, it was all cleaned up. Apparently MIL screamed at the guys and asked why they didn't clean up the (her) mess yet. What a world, what a world.

Jane said...

Oh boy....perhaps they read your blog! The view of the lake is fantastic! But living with neighbors (hey, even family) can be so challenging to our state of peace. We planted a lot of trees on the perimeter of our yard because we didn't want to see the junk.

Gilded Owl Jewelry said...

Glad it got cleaned up. Maybe you should sell that tire planter on ebay. LOL!

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