Thursday, July 21, 2011

Posted on Artfire - Etsy Fees Vs Artfire at $9.95

Posted in the Artfire Forums I didn't think this was a controversial or negative post. It was just a little bit of brain boggling math that I thought I would like to point out to the sellers that think Etsy fees are cheaper than the proposed $9.95 minimum fee that Artfire will begin charging.

For those of you who aren't involved or have the time to wade through forums here is my post

"Sorry, haven't the time to read through all of these to see if it's been mentioned. $10 a month for Artfire VS Etsy "reasonable" fees. If you want to have your items seen on Etsy, most people list/relist one item a day @ $.20 so that's $6. Many list/relist at least 2 a day $12 then if you sell there are fees as well. How in the World do any of you think that it is cheaper to sell on Etsy? My fees were $50 to $100 a month there. If you are paying less than $10 a month at Etsy, you are not selling anything, I can guarantee it. If you are making an average of $6 minimum wage (give or take in your state) for a 40 hour week $240 X 3.5%, you would be paying $8.40 in fees above your listing a WEEK. So if you are working Etsy as a business, the minimum you should be paying is $45 a month. That is just making minimum wages.

Brain hurting yet. I know mine is. Again, if you are actually paying less than $10 a month at Etsy you are wasting your time selling there, because it's not working for you."

I'm not even saying which is the better deal, because I sell a lot on eBay and the fees are even higher and the buyer expects to pay less. I had an offer of $8 for a $39 apron, when my materials alone are more than that, let alone fees. Etsy fees are higher, but so is the traffic right now.

I guess the wasting time thing wasn't too nice. But at $10 a month, with Etsy fees, you are not selling anything. I never had a month at Etsy where I payed less that $10, even in a slow month at a slow shop. However, most of us don't make above minimum wages at any of our venues. I know I don't. Just Saying...


Anonymous said...

Dear Cinders,
You are so true. It cost money no matter where you end up. What a seller needs to do is take charge of their brand and promote the heck out of it. It costs big bucks to run a brick and morter store. As a retailer; you could never get the kind of foot traffic on your own that you can get online (SEO). Smart e-taliers; know that they will gain increased SEO, and traffic, thus more sales if they sell on multiple, online venues. I.e.… Etsy, Groove Press, Artfire, Zibbet etc….
Rule # 1- A sellers needs to invest back into the brand. This along with daily, shameless self promotion; a seller will see an overall increase in their ROI.
Rule # 2 - A true business person is proactive.
A true business minded seller will not just sit on a free site and hope for a sale. This is a hobbyist... Sitting complacent on a free site, in my opinion does not a business person make. This is a someone who is looking for an outlet to show off their crafts as opposed to really being a true e –commerce seller.
Rule# 3- There is no value in something that is, “Always Free”.
I am big believer in cross prompting your brand. SEM (online P R), PPC and advertising is never free.
Free offers are a good way for one to test drive, however If a site always offers it sellers a “forever free” package, eventually overtime this will devalue your brand. So as true seller or reseller, you have to find the right mix those best suits your business model and pocket spend.
Happy Selling!

Laron said...

I would say choose testing your not sure your going to sell. That 20cent does last 3months. I'm not as established to pay a guaranteed 10 dollars a month. With etsy I can pace myself. However if your a big seller paying 10dollars a month is worth it.

akaCINDERS said...

$.20 cents for 3 month may seem reasonable, but if yo don't relist it is very hard to be seen with competition in the 100,000 range. Also I personally have over 200 items listed, at $.20 for 3 months is $40 or about $13 a month and if I sell there is the addition 3.5% fee. If I don't sell there is little pint in listing at all.

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