Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Evah! - Honeymoon Disaster

Last week I read a blog post about a weekend Camping Disaster on Suds Blog - camping fail. It reminded me of my own camping disaster - on my honeymoon.

Like our marriage turned out to be, our wedding night and honeymoon were filled with excitement, adventure and a lot of "tension". There was to be an eclipse of the moon late in the evening of our wedding day. The wedding went pretty well, but of course we drank too much. We planned on one night at a hotel and then off for a camping and sight seeing adventure. J and I stayed up late to try to watch the eclipse. The room had 2 queen beds, but we planned on sharing one. We woke up in separate beds, having both fallen asleep waiting for the eclipse (it was after all, a long day).

We woke up late and left to prepare for the trip. I had heard of a Great campsite in West Virginia, and I had hoped to go to DC again. After a long drive we got to the site in W VA. It was absolutely idyllic, beautiful, peaceful and relatively private. We stayed for 2 days and had the most wonderful time. But we had a plan to move around so we broke camp and moved onto the next site.

The next site was in W Va too, but a bit closer to our goal. There were sites by the lake, but everyone had set up tents in the surrounding hill, so we thought we would use one of the lakefront sites. We wondered why no one set up there, it was so pretty. Only one little problem, the song "Wildfire" was playing on the Camp office loudspeaker all day long. Just a touch on the other side of reality.

That night, drizzle turned into a full thunderstorm. The rain got pretty heavy and we were forced to stay in the tent. It was so damp and the floor of the tent seemed to be particularly wet. Finally J decided to go out and see what kind of situation we were in. What we were in, was actually the lake. It had rained so much, and the extra water runoff from the hills had made the lake rise. We were sitting in 4 inches of water.

We went to the camp office. They suggested we move to a site on the hill. By the time we broke camp, we were so darn wet and the tent was such a mess that we decided to just go off and find a hotel. We went to the nearest town and got a room.

We wanted nothing more than to shower and get in dry clothes and have a drink. What a honeymoon. But this State was a little different than Ohio. There was no room service alcohol, not even beer, no stores open past 9 pm, and no open bars. Clubs only for alcohol. And even the club in the hotel had a dress code. No jeans and because we were camping, we didn't have anything else. We were also young and naive and didn't even think to ask to borrow clothes.

We left that hotel in the morning and Moved on to our final destination, Washington DC. But that's another story.


Jane said...

And I'm looking forward to the rest of the story!

vintage eye said...

Why does none of this surprise me, Crusty? Is adventure your middle name? ;)

Pili said...

Wow, what an adventure for sure! But I'm glad to hear you don't remember it all as a giant fail, but as an adventure!

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