Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bizz Buzz - Relevancy of Adtuitive

“…I found out it is not what happens, it is how you tell it and who does the telling.” 
― Nancy Willard

I promised to give you all the information I could find on all the Etsy changes and what the heck relevancy does Adtuitive have. Because I have been permabanned (like permamuted, but with a blocked IP address, and yes they really did) from Etsy I can only give you information and links I have found on the internet, but I'll do what I can. 

You, of course can find all the information Etsy has to share about relevancy (slim to none), but what do others have to say about it? I love because they have the latest info on all top seller sites. Here is a Great post on the Why of relevancy Etsy Pulls Trigger on Relevancy Search

There are so many tips on relevancy that I just can't list them all here. EVERYTHINGETSY has some good ones. Here are more great tips from Brittany's Best. You can search Etsy Relevancy for more great tips.

I can tell you though, that relevancy is pretty direct, logical and intuitive. ARTFIRE uses it, and it took me some time to get the Etsy brianwash out and us it. For instance, go to Bing or Google shopping and search Black Eyed Susan Jewelry. Look at what you find. It's my necklace at Artfire. 

Relevancy is simple. Look at what you are selling, It's not a Midnight Amanda Parabola. who the hell is going to look for that? Etsy Trend colors terms will only get you other sellers (but might get you in Treasuries or Finds. I guess Etsy is going to have to watch what they preach if they want  peapod to only pull up pea pods and not every shade of light green.

I also found that although Handmade Jewelry or Sterling Silver may be the most searched terms via Google Analytics, there is too much competition for that out there. You would get better results from Blue Stone or Orange Flowered Hat. If it's a shoe, call it a shoe, but whatever you do don't use the term RED HAT, because you'll get saturated with competition for that Red Hat society, unless that's what you're selling.

So what does all this have to do with Adtuitive? Here is what EcommerceBytes has to say about that. Etsy is not divulging much information on it's Adtuitive information, other than that they have hired 5 "Etsy simpatico Geeks" to work on it and probably integrate with their "Showcase". 

As relevancy trumps recency in search results, the money they were making from your frequent $.20 relisting fees will be vanishing like the popularity of the moustache festooned mugs. And as Google and Bing shopping search results don't bring outsiders to Etsy, I would venture to guess that the new Adtuitive in combination with Etsy Showcase will. Hold on to your wallets guys, Etsy is not through raping you yet. So enjoy the break while you can, because while you are all struggling to get found, I'm picking up sales like mad at my Artfire shop.

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