Monday, August 15, 2011

Life on Mars - Week in Hell

You just have to read my post on Mercury retrograde to understand why this past week went the way it did.
If you didn't you can read it HERE. Not a really long post.

After we got home from our Amusement Park mini vacation (we had passes from when we were flush last fall) my laptop hadn't fared well from the trip. Must have got a short in the touch pad, because when the power cord is plugged in the cursor dances around the screen and click randomly. It does work unplugged though but only for about 90 minutes. So at the beginning of last week, I was using Poppy's and her son's PC, sneaking in when I could.

The middle of the week must have been the peak of the retrograde Hell, because one fine morning, Poppy's PC was deader than a door nail. What does that expression mean exactly? What a dumb saying. So now we are working on one PC, all 3 of us and her youngest too on his club penguin.

That wasn't the first or the last of the retrograde mishaps either. Here are more not in any particular order:
*The last PC's keyboard broke
*Hillbilly Bob next door burned 2 complete sofas in the firepit next to our house, fabric, foam and all causing me great respiratory distress ( also illegal for just that reason)
*I put too many fresh french fries in a little pot of oil, bubbled up and spilled on the burner, and caught the element and the catch try on fire. Poppy put it out with baking soda, had to clean for an hour.
*DS' lawyer forgot to bring his medical records to the emergency court review for his SS disability and the case is still pending.
*Cat has huge infected wound on his leg that needs treatment.
*Poppy got randomly attacked by yellow jackets, that she is allergic to,(scary, but no stings).
*And last but not least, Poppy's MIL turned her car without looking and got hit. Car totaled. She is our primary transportation.

Not the worse week I've ever had, but not the best either. Poppy's poor son is turning 8 this week and he's had to give up some of his birthday parties so we can save for a new PC. He did voluntarily, forgoing the dinner at Outback and having homemade Pizza instead of carryout, for his party. What a sweet kid (sometimes).

My sales did increase this week, but instead of buying my self shoes I need, I get to put it toward the new PC. And we also got loads of produce from the local church via local farmers. Hours of freezing and canning. Wish we had a bigger freezer. No room anyhow.

One totally bizarre week, can't wait to see what the next has in store for us and can't wait til August 26th when this nonsense if finished.


Pili said...

Hopefully things will start looking up soon!!

Jane said...

Sorry it's been such a week for you! Are you sure you don't want to come down to Brat. Place? Some guy was buying drinks last week (I wasn't there, but my friend was.) Marry some rich guy.....all your problems will disappear! (haha, I don't really think that...besides, I read what you think about marriage - hehe!)

The sofa burning would really make me mad. We used to smell a foul burning smell the night before garbage night around here. We thought it was our neighbors but it was behind a fence so we couldn't really tell. We were sure they were burning seems to have stopped, but I wanted to report them.

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