Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life

Life is beautiful no matter what merde it hands you, you just need a bat big enough to swat it away from your direction. Some people call that bad Karma, but that bat can swing either way.

Our Karma must not be too bad, because all of the nasty things that have been happening to us are beginning to swing away, at least I hope so. Either that, or the Mercury in retrograde thing is near the end of it's potency.

I gave our neighbor a big jar of my homemade sweet hot dill pickles and was talking to him about the stray cat and kittens under the shed. Then he told me he had an appointment to put down his sweet old cat that very day. He was trying to busy himself to not think about it. I told him about our problems and he offered to look at Poppy's PC. He thinks he found the problem and it would only be a small very inexpensive part, and easy to fix. What a great thing for us not to have to buy another PC. Mainly because....

This is the sweet Cat that we found under the shed with her 2 babies. She had been hanging around the house, but she had a flea collar so we thought she was just a pest. But the other day when it rained for almost 2 days straight, she moved her babies under the shed next to our house. We didn't even know she had them. Now we think someone might have dumped her because she was pregnant. That's bad Karma, because they could have taken her to the shelter.

The babes seem to be about 5 weeks, but are a little undernourished, so could be older. Momma has a BB healed in her ear, so not only was she dumped and raised her babes in the woods, but the's been shot too. She is barely a babe herself. She is the sweetest thing, such a love. Unfortunately one of the babes has a cloudy eye. Might be infected or other disease and it needs attention right away. They all have fleas and we are working on bathing and getting rid of those. Momma has a slightly bloated belly and we suspect that she is preggers again.

We did manage to get them in the house and we really want to keep them, but we can't afford treatment now, so we might have to take to the shelter. I'm calling later today to see if they can help us. Summer months are our slowest and we have no spare cash to treat, immunize and neuter all 3 cats.

So even though some days look a little dark, there is always a little sunshine. And I'm hoping there is more to come.


Pili said...

I'm sure things are starting to turn around for good!

Maybe your neighbor would want to keep the cat & kitties since he had to put down his cat?

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Great news about the PC!

Things will be picking up very soon. Summers are always slow. I am already noticing more sales this past week so I am wishing you the same.

So wonderful of you to help out those kitties. You have a heart of gold!

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