Thursday, August 25, 2011

Poppy's Garden Gate Shop News - Star Wars Apron

I'm having a Special on my Retro Ruffle Aprons at Artfire in September so I thought I'd give you the heads up.

I can't believe how popular my Star Wars Apron is. I only hope I can get my hands on more vintage fabric for all the orders this year. She gets blogged about all the time. Look at this blog STAR WARS LOLITA What a Great idea for the Aprons. How cute is that using it with an adorable Lolita style dress.

I even had a customer that bought the Apron to use it on her cooking webcast.

I think this Skull and Roses Apron with a Black or Blood Red Dress would be a Great Halloween Costume.

This Adorable Sweetheart Smurf Apron was custom made for a costume too.

Many of the Aprons are made of Vintage Fabrics and are So cute for Parties and as a Hostess Apron. What a great Idea for a theme Party. Great gifts for a special friend or for yourself. And tell your friends you helped contribute to the environment by recycling.

So here is the Special that I usually have going in November, but I'm offering it a little early this year. For the whole month of September, Stop in Poppy's Garden Gate at Artfire, pick up one or more of these beauties and get a free matching Pot Holder! Offer limited to Aprons $39 and over.

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Pili said...

I so love your Star Wars aprons!

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