Thursday, September 15, 2011

Buyers Paradise - LoveArtWorks - LoveArtStudios

This week I'm going to Flash Feature the shop of one of the very First friends I made at Etsy Kristin of LoveArtWorks.

I'd have to say that I first fell in love with her sweet little bird ceramics, like the one shown here. Then I discovered Etsy Project Embrace. At the time, I had just lost 2 people close to me to cancer and wanted to be involved in a team that focused on helping. Kristin was the team leader, and I had communication with her because of that, but Kristin has always been a strong spirit and supporter of other sellers and friends.

You can see her spirit in her work. A kind, gentle, loving and joyous spirit. Kristin has gone through some things herself, but always focuses on the positive.

As for her work. If you can look at any of her ceramic pieces and not smile, well I just don't know what kind of sad life you lead. It brings nothing but joy to me.

I haven't had the funds to spend on too many of my friends works, but I was able to buy a small piece from LoveArtWorks and I am so glad I did.

You can find mugs, bowl, platters, and even wind chimes, and they are all full of wonderful quotes or images. Like these Beatles Inspired "All you need is Love" mugs.

Kristin also has some wonderful paintings, photography and ceramic wall hangings at
LoveArtStudios on Etsy. So you must trust me and stop in to see her work. If you need a spiritual lift, these shops are the place to get it.


Jane said...

What a lovely person and shop - off to check it out!


I want to repost a comment since my other one got wiped out by the Cyber Space Gods!
BIG HUMONGOUS THANK YOU for the Honor of being chosen as a Shop for your "Buyers Paradise"! Your compliments about my work are Amazing and I am truly Blessed and Grateful for your Friendship.
As for my work, I am just a vessel for the Universal Positive Spirit to bring forth good things into this World! I am humbled by the river of inspiration that flows out of me and into my work and I hope that every piece finds a Loving home that needs the Power of the Positive, no matter how it ends up getting to that home.
Thank You again Cinders, you are a Shining Star in my Universe!!
Love and Hugs!!
:) Kristin

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