Thursday, September 8, 2011

Buyers Paradise - Poppy's Wicked Garden

I haven't done this post in quite a while. It's a lot of work contacting the seller and setting up dates. I've
decided to just Blitzkrieg sellers and not advise them in advance. Just too much extra work. So you may be surprised to see your shop here some wonderful Thursday. I'm not planning, I'm just posting.

I thought I'd refresh everyone's memory about my DD Poppy's shop today. She not only sells the Greatest Genre reconstructions, and now has her DH Optic's Airbrush designs, she has just so much more. Poppy also has the cutest and most awesome Costumes. Perfect time of year for this post.

I just love her Dr Horrible Lab coat, that is available in Adult and Child sizes and in Red, White, and even Black if you twist her arm.

How about her Cute Animals. She started with that adorable Panda and from that made the cutest Critters for a lodge that wanted them for their Youth Ski program.

I must say, the girl has quite an imagination. I think my favorite has to be the Little Red Monster. That she made for a special request. So freaking cute. 
But my favorite could be this New Harley Quinn Costume. It's so great and the Photography is so fun.

Poppy has a Cheeseburger Dress, Nyan Cat, Red Fox and Where the Wild Things Are Max Hoodie too, and more. You just have to go to to see them all.



jansart said...

can't stop smiling - these are sooo great!

Pili said...

If I were lucky to celebrate Halloween, I'd surely know where to come looking for the most awesome costumes! ;)

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