Monday, September 5, 2011

Life on Mars - Brotherly Love

I was going to write a post on Labor Day. You know, the day that we all celebrate...what was that again? Labor and Trade unions? The end of white clothing and Summer? The start of Football season? Why are we celebrating again? The invention of the Hot Dog and mustard?

Seeing as most of us are underemployed or  unemployed, and most of the rest of the World celebrates International Workers Day or May Day on May 1st. I thought I'd share something called Brotherly Love.

Things have been relatively quiet around the neighborhood lately. Not that we don't have issues here, but not ones I need to post at this time. There was this unusual whirlwind of cleaning that happened the day after Poppy went out with her BFF for lunch. She needs to get out more often.

For some reason yesterday there were also a lot of brotherly love photo opps too.

Look at these two brothers lying in bed together. Of course the older one is telling the younger one to "Get the hell out of here." The thing of it is, he's laying in the younger one's bed and bedroom.

Don't you just love how brothers adore each other.

These boys however, totally love each other. Well they are only 8 weeks old, I'm sure they will be tearing each other apart in another few weeks.

Poppy and I also had a great time photographing these little guys yesterday. We finally were able to flea med them and they are getting fat and healthy, and oh so cute.

They just got litter trained, we found the last of the hidden poop and pee, and now they are no longer hiding under the living room sofa.

But they did have a very busy day running around, climbing up my bare legs, climbing Poppy's fabric mountains, chasing mama's tail and wrestling in the Mystery Triangle (very cool net kitty house found for $3 at a dollar store)

Do any of you understand the concept behind having items for more than a dollar at a place called "The Dollar Store"? IDK

Well all of you in the US have a great Labor Day.


Pili said...

Such cute kitties! I love them!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I am most definitely under-employed. Never thought of it in those words. lol!

So happy to see the sweet kitties are doing well and you are having a more quiet and peaceful time around the neighborhood.

Speaking of dollar stores, there is actually one here that is really a dollar store! Yes, everything is one dollar!

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