Monday, September 19, 2011

Life on Mars - Getting Acclimated to The Surface of Mars

WOW! I never thought I would be getting so used to it here on Mars. But I am. Maybe that's because as surrealistically as things got bad, things are getting better.

Not that there isn't still some crazy sh-t going on here. Like this week when Someone came to our door screaming at the top of her lungs that "THE DAMN WATER SOFTENER IS UNPLUGGED! MY DAMN HAIR IS FLAME RED! IT'S FLAME RED!!!" Poppy hates when I keep repeating that, but she wasn't here to hear it, and now it's permanently scarred in my psyche. BTW her hair is not even tinged red and the softener (for the well for both houses which is in our teeny house and not their BIG house) was plugged in and full of salt. She just saw the extra bags her DH bought sitting outside our door and freaks. She even made her 66 year old DH with artificial knees crawl under our TV to make sure it was plugged in, even though I assured them both that it cycles in the middle of the night EVERY night while I'm TRYING to sleep.

I've even gotten used to the kittens dancing on me at night. I found that if I cover myself with a thick blanket, their little claws don't dig into me so deeply. Thank goodness it's getting cooler out, or I would continue to be full of little tiny claw marks.

Now onto the Good. Last week we finally got our new (used) Dryer in the house, and yesterday I got it all hooked up. Mind you, I love to save by line drying, but a last minute towel fluff in the dryer, or a quick dry for blankets is so nice. And line drying baby diapers is not so wonderful. This was a donated dryer that is Huge and Powerful and economical and not that old. The former owner just wanted an upgrade to a fancier one. OMG this thing dries so fast and has the best lint catcher. Not to bore you, but it's almost like we have money again. Actually this dryer is the nicest one I ever had. <3 <3 <3

Although I never found the parts to the crib Poppy bought, I did find parts on line. Yay! We are going to try the hardware store first, then if not, I'll buy online. We should have a month and a half left, I hope.

Poppy is selling like mad, costumes! We are both picking up sales very nicely on Artfire and may eventually be able to get off of eBay. That would be so nice, because our fees there are ridiculous.

MORE GOOD NEWS and this is the best one. My DS FINALLY got a letter from the Government that his Disability has been approved. He has to call to get more details as he got the letter late Friday. But this is just wonderful news. He should be able to get his surgery soon.

So you see, the surface of Mars can be a little hot to walk on, and the gravity, makes it a little hard to stay in one place, but all things considered, it's a tolerable place to live.

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Pili said...

I just hope the good things keep all rolling together to a bigger ball of goodness than the bad ones ever were!

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