Sunday, September 18, 2011

What's Cooking? - Pepperoni Bread

Today I give you the 8 year old's new favorite. I made this for his birthday, and his little buddy and he gobbled it up.

A few days later, I asked how he liked the pepperoni bread I made him and he said in total shock "YOU made that Gramma?" I guess he liked it.

This is mostly a recipe for assembly, the trickiest part is making the dough, but you can use ready made pizza dough too. It will work the same.

Pepperoni Pizza

Dough for one large loaf of French Style Bread
You can use my French Baguette Recipe or a Large Pizza Dough

Approximately 28 thin slices of pepperoni

Approximately 1 1/2 cup shredded Mozzarella Cheese

This is so fun you can easily get your little ones to help prepare this. Oh and Adults love it too.

Prepare your bread dough until the final rise. Knead on a floured board and spread out on a baking sheet.
Spread Mozzarella cheese from the edge closest to you to one inch from the top edge. Now place pepperoni slices over the cheese. See picture. You will leave 1"of the top edge bare, that will be to seal the dough.

Take the edge closest to you and roll the dough in over the cheese/pepperoni, making sure they stay in place. Roll all the way up and push the edge into the "loaf" to seal. Pinch the two ends closed and push it all into a loaf shape.

Cover with a towel and let rise again in a warm place. Bake your loaf in a 350F degree oven until golden brown. It might take a little longer than usual because of the filling. I usually can smell when the bread is done, but it should be somewhere around 15 minutes.

Let the bread cool and slice in about 1" thick slices. Fantastic when dipped in warm marinara or spaghetti sauce.

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Jane said...

Looks yummy. This is a staple in our house! I use sandwich pepperoni and provolone slices and little dabs of pizza sauce. Sometimes I add green pepper. It's also good with ham. I usually buy frozen pizza dough but have a fantastic bread recipe from a friend that works up nicely!

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