Friday, September 2, 2011

Putting it Together - Collaboration

It's come to mind that I've never really mentioned (well once a long time ago) that one of the ways you can accomplish great things is through collaboration. Take these fantastic photos My DD Poppy just got of her Harley Quinn Costume.

This Costume and other Great ones can be found at PoppysWickedGarden on Artfire.

Poppy doesn't really have a budget for photography, but she does have friends. Her model loves the costume and sells the makeup to make the mask. She sells really wonderful mineral makeup at GothCupcake on Etsy. It's the best. She's on a little vacation but she'll be back soon.

The Photography is so fantastic. All the pics were done in collaboration with TharnPhotography on Etsy. The photography is so fun and fantastic. I think they all did such a wonderful job. Wow, these pics look better than the ones Poppy had of the clothes on her Mannequin.

If you're not the greatest photographer, make friends with someone who is. It doesn't even have to be a professional, although if you want pictures like these you will need one. Sometimes you can find people who will do great photos for a trade.

Modeling is often the hardest thing to find, but if you have jewelry or clothing, a plastic person is not the same as a real model. Look at the Front page of Etsy and see how many pictures of plastic people, or poor photos are there.

Is there any other way to get good photography? Yes there is. If you are near a school that teaches photography, you can often get some nice work done by students to add to their portfolio. A photographer needs to have a portfolio of good work to show to potential clients, just like you need good photography to sell your product. This goes for all product, not just modeled product.

Often it is very hard for students, or even professionals, to get their hands on product to add to their portfolio. If the merchandise will be sold on a web site, even better.

But what if you need a model? You can find great models (and even photographers) at a site called Model Mayhem. Poppy has found great models there who were willing to do shoots in exchange for clothing and photography for their portfolios. There are models all over the country on that site.

But don't forget your friends and neighbors. Many of them would be thrilled to model your product. Don't be afraid to ask, and don't feel hurt when some say no. If you sell children's clothing, many parents don't want their children's faces publicized, many do. You can use friends and children as models without showing their face. I do it for my jewelry photography.

So grab yourself some great pics. And don't forget to stop by Poppy's Wicked Garden for some Great Costumes and clothes, Goth Cupcake for Fantastic Makeup and Tharn Photography for some wonderful Prints.


ira said...

Great post Cindy! I did the same thing with the pics in my shop. The one with professionally done pics:) the model get the pics and bag, the photographer can add her portfolio and a bag too. Me? Got wonderful pics without spend any cash on them:)

Pili said...

Marycakes is gorgeous and the photography is fantastic, really a great collaboration, and it shows off the costume so much better!

Amanda said...

Collaborating on photography is a great idea! And, another idea for models (or make-up/styling artists) is to check local colleges/schools for those as well! Our most recent models have all been high school students who wanted some decent modeling experience. Great post! Glad Eden Gallery sent me your way! :D

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