Friday, October 7, 2011

Putting it Together - Prepping for the Rush

November to Mid December is the Busiest time of the Year for many of us! I hope you are ready.

With busy lives shoppers turn to the internet to complete their Holiday shopping. Be prepared for the rush.

Business Cards: I always include a few business cards so buyers can share. I include a card from my less visited shop with a coupon code printed on the back as a Thank You for shopping in my primary shop. Business Cards are a Great way to promote you business.

Never think they are unimportant, because buyers might stick them in their wallet or purse and pull out to share with friends. I buy from Vistaprint because they are very reasonable and I can afford to give away a few with each purchase. Many sellers buy Moo Cards and I have bought from Overnight Prints too, and their quality is very good.

You don't have to be all business either. This is my business card for My Flower Jewelry Shop.

Packaging: Make sure you have enough materials for packaging in stock. You don't want to be caught short handed, especially if you order packaging on line. Remember, your supplier will be busy too.

I like to combine local and internet materials. I buy my jewelry boxes from Paper Mart, my packaging supplies on eBay, because most sellers deliver quickly, and my tissue and ribbon at a local dollar store.

I put my jewelry in hand stamped boxes made of post consumer recycled paper. My Aprons and Housewares are Wrapped in Colorful Tissue with Ribbon Ties.

Newspaper makes a Great wrapping, but not for fabric or anything else that can transfer the ink onto. Don't be afraid to recycle, especially if your items are eco friendly. Scrap or clearance Fabric makes nice wrapping too, especially with pinked edges. Walmart is bringing back fabric and even has 5 yd bolts for $5 that's a lot of wrapping material.

Gifts: It's nice to include a little gift. Many people include candy, but I prefer not to eat candy that has been shipped with a gift myself, so I'm not sure that that is the greatest thing so send.

I sometimes make refrigerator magnets of my Jewelry Business Card. That's why I made a quote that they might like to keep. I also have pencils printed with my shop address. I get them made at Oriental Trading. They are reasonable and a practical gift that keeps reminding the buyer where they shopped. Oriental Trading also has lots of other reasonable fun gifts.

There are also a LOT of neat things on Etsy, Artfire and even eBay that can be bought in bulk and used as gifts or packaging. That way you can support other sellers too. I use envelopes that I bought from Piping Hot Papers for business cards for special purchases.

This shop also has little matchbook notepads and other great little gifties.

So stock up your supplies. It's going to be a long and fruitful Holiday Season. People will be so tired of tightening their belts that they are going to want to let loose a little and have some fun.  So sit back and enjoy the ride.


LittleMommaErin said...

very nice article! im hoping i get to enjoy the rush this year too!

Susan - said...

Great ideas - thanks!

Pili said...

Very good ideas all, I'm sure sellers will be thankful for the tips!

Lori's Glassworks said...

I like your idea of stamping the gift box. Do you mind sharing where you got the custom stamp? Thanks for all the reminders. Hope you have a great busy season!

akaCINDERS said...

Lori, I purchased a ready made stamp and I hand write my name. But craft stores have letters and stamps that you can stick onto blocks to make a really cool personalized stamp. There are also sellers on Etsy that can make you a stamp.

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