Saturday, October 29, 2011

Putting it Together - Subliminal Color and Marketing

I must apologize for the lack of posts recently. Even this is supposed to be a Friday, not Saturday post. But it came to mind today, and I couldn't wait til next week. Things have been busy, taking Poppy to the Dr every week, to check on her expected baby, shopping to get every little thing she will need, and then there's the finishing of the house/bathroom too.

I've been getting a lot of email spam from pretty big retailers, and I noticed that about 80% of them had medium green borders on their ads. I wondered what this particular color meant subliminally. I do know that color is not just randomly chosen for ads.

Subliminal color marketing is very important in advertising. It could be the most important thing you do in your marketing.  I also know that marketing schemes have to change with current economy and trends. For instance, marketing colors and even product should be different when the economy is good. Your product can be more flamboyant and abstract when there is more money, but should be more homey, vintage, and comforting when the economy is down.

So what about color? I found a few good articles that explain what colors mean subliminally. You can read them to find out which color would be best to market your merchandise. The first article focuses on the meaning of color for marketing. For instance Green might mean growth, nature, money, fertility and safety. Maybe that's why it is used in all the ads I'm getting. Read "Color Psychology"

The second article is geared to business cards, which I found very interesting. Maybe I should have read this before I made mine. Seems I did OK though with my color choice and themes. Read "Color Theory and Business Cards". There are also some great links at the bottom of the Business Card posting.


Lana said...

Very interesting! I had heard about these color theories but never really paid much attention to them. Marking to read later. :)

Wild Woman Jewelry said...

thanks cinders-- going to have look at these articles

Pili said...

That's quite interesting information, clearly nothing in marketing in done willy-nilly!

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