Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Evah! - Things that Drive me Crazy - Part One

Of course it drives me crazy when people don't agree with me. OK, maybe not so much, because so few people even understand what I'm talking about half the time. But there are a few things that really drive me CRAZY!

Game shows contestants that say "I'm married to my wife/husband (enter name). Who else would you be married to???

People who tweet pictures of themselves from dressing rooms while getting opinions on what clothes to buy.

Slow cashiers, or chatty cashiers which equate to the slow cashiers, taking too long to move on.

Phone callers with no ID, because I drop everything, run to the phone, and won't answer.

Spinach getting stuck in my teeth, because I like spinach

Crazy next door neighbor that calls "here kitty, kitty, kitty" by my house at midnight when I'm trying to sleep.

Medical professionals that hug. I don't want a hug from my Dr or NP. Totally unprofessional.

Those racks and shelves in stores that cut into your arm as you walk by because the aisles are too narrow.

Parents who don't take the time to teach their children to respect others.

Parents who let their children stand in grocery carts.

Dogs that bark constantly for no apparent reason.

Christmas decorations that don't get taken down til Valentines Day.

People I have dinner with that don't tip enough so I have to make up the difference.

Bosses who stand over your shoulder and watch you work.

That's enough for today. I'm sure I'll revisit this soon with more annoyances. And as you might already guess, I am already CRAZY.


Jane said...

Oh wow...I agree with you on ALL of these! You know...I have my post started of pet peeves....I'm saving it for Festivus!

vintage eye said...

I was going to add something about the drive to crazy being a pretty short trip but I see you've covered that! ;)

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