Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Evah! - Things that Drive me Crazy - Part Two

You know it drives me crazy when people don't agree with me, and not so much, because so few people even understand what I'm talking about half the time. Here are a few more things that really drive me CRAZY!


Seller Forums - Never again

Enthusiastic fitness coaches

People who call for their cat at Midnight (did I say that already)

Whoever creates the DM Spam on Twitter

TV networks that make a series and cancel after 2 or 3 weeks. They will all not be #1,  give it a chance won't you.  (except for the caveman show that never should have seen the light of day)

Hamsters driving cars. Why would that make me want to buy one?

Snotty or rude sales clerks. 

Sticky Price tags you can't remove off your new merchandise.

1 comment:

Jane said...

Agree - esp with mosquitoes, Twitter DM spam, and sales clerks!

I'm really fed up with the DM spam. I turned off my DM notifications, but then I've missed a few real DMs. Read a good article on how Twitter should determine spam - doesn't seem like it would be that hard.

And seller forums....I gotcha!

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