Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sharing Time - DIY Painted Shoe Rug

Thanks so much Maiden Jane for sharing your tutorial

DIY - Painted Shoe Rug

Does your mud room or entrance way look like this?  Do your kids use the "kick and flick" method of taking off their shoes?

Do you want it to look neat and orderly like this?

Then paint up this fun, whimsical shoe rug!

This rug can be customized to the shoe sizes that your kids wear.  It can be a gentle reminder to your guests to remove their shoes or boots.  It can be placed in front of the door to remind your guests to step on the rug and not your clean tile floor!

However you wish to use the rug, you will need less than an hour to make it.


  • Rug.  I selected a rug that is washable.  I would recommend a rug that does not have a high nap.  This rug has a boucle yarn, but is fairly dense.  I think a jute rug would work well.
  • Fabric paint.  I used Tulip Soft fabric paint.
  • Various size paint brushes
  • Washable marker
  • Shoes

1.   Layout shoes on the rug and trace using a washable marker.

2. Using a thin paint brush, paint along the outline of the shoes.

3. Fill in the space using a wider paint brush.

4. Allow paint to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.


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Don't feel like painting a rug?  I'll paint one for you - here!


Pili said...

Heheheh, that's such a cute idea!

Jane said...

Thanks Cindy for letting me share your space today!

Sondra said...

Great idea! Really enjoyed this tutorial. Also enjoy both of your blogs! Happy Thanksgiving! Sondra

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