Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Evah! - The New Car - Part Deux

So you've seen the pics of the new car, and maybe you've heard my fears about passing inspection. We only have an emissions check in Ohio, but some things are an automatic fail. Cracked windshield that blocks view (cracked, but doesn't block view) Drivers door not opening (but I slide over the center console just fine) or check engine light on (only occasional).

With only 2 days left on my temporary tag I had to get the car inspected. Drivers door was an odd situation but I fixed it. The door panel, not attached at the bottom, was sticking to the teeth of the rubber trim. It pulled out a spot so bad that the steel teeth were loosened enough to bite onto the loose door panel, holding it shut. Good thing I'm handy around metal :)

Now holding me back was the darn check Engine light which was now ON. Sometime just driving around works. I drove to the E-Check station, praying that the light would go off. No luck. So I drove around a little bit and it was still on. Oh well, I guess I just get another 30 day tag so back to the Inspection place to get a fail.

I pull in and start talking to the guy there. He tells me my options, then notices that I just bought the car and runs the title. The car passed inspection in April, I don't have to get it checked. Sometimes your prayers are answered in ways you never expect.  I don't have to get another inspection until April of 2013.

After all that worrying and stress I didn't even have to take the test. And as for my car? The check engine light went out as soon as I got out on the road.


Pili said...

Yay for good luck strikes!!

Jane said...

Sometimes things go your way! I think E Checks are waste

vintage eye said...

The powers that be are cutting you a break! Sweeeet!

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