Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sharing Time - DIY Flame Sculpted Poppy

This is my first experiment with Hosting a PDF. Because the economy is not so great, I thought it would be nice to offer a free PDF for you to get a leg up on Holiday gifts. I will also be hosting another tutorial soon by Maiden Jane an Etsy seller and blogger at

Flame Sculpted Poppy Tutorial

Just click on the image or the link above to take you to the FREE printable PDF tutorial. The site is a teeny bit spammy, because it is free. But there are few sites out there that aren't. I'm referring to Facebook in particular.

You can use this to make jewelry like the one pictured, or use your imagination. You must use the eco felt, because that is made out of plastic that can be formed. Don't use any other material, or hold the flame too long on the felt, or you will have a hot flaming mess.

If you feel brave enough to try it, you can make some pretty wonderful gifts for your loved ones. And remember, the pattern is copyrighted, so it's just for you and your friends and family, not to resell.


Pili said...

This is a wonderful idea, but since I'm not too brave flames-wise and I have no clue where to find eco-felt in Spain... I'll keep just getting your flowers!

Catherine Ivins said...

I love this so much- thanks for sharing it! xo

Sara said...

You're too sweet to share this, Cinders!! I LOVE these poppies!

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