Monday, January 9, 2012

Life on Mars - Full Moon Week

Last Week I started a new Blog - Four Months - A Diary of Progress for lack of a better name available. Basically I need to make more money and I am going to make daily posts on my struggle to discover exactly who I am and what I should do as a career to earn more money. Maybe I should be a sanitation engineer or a prison guard. But I'm so close to retirement it will be difficult to get anything. 

Here's something that maybe a lot of you don't know. Retirement age is getting pushed back further and further. For me it's 66, for you it might be 72 or later. It's nice that we can all work so late in our lives, But, even though I can retire at 62, or get survivor benefits at 60, I can't get health benefits until I'm 66 (or later for you). That's OK, I can get a job with benefits right? Sure, because employers want to hire a 60 year old full time employee that they have to pay TWICE as much for their health insurance. That's right, starting at 60, health premiums DOUBLE so usually the employer has to pick it up, to be fair to the employee. 

OK enough about jobs, I know you're here to find out about all the crazy stuff that happened this week.

MIL got a SS raise, had me take her shopping and kept throwing money at me. Good FIL doesn't have a computer to read this. We just gave him the money back as rent, lol

FIL got a big SS raise too. I don't get it. Maybe he just doesn't understand that his payback was taken out monthly, not in a lump sum, and he's done with it. Kinda dense. Sometimes I wish I was more dense. Would make life simpler.

Car did that thing where the break light stuck on. I kept going back and forth and breaking, then after a while it went off. Gotta find where the break light switch is so I can lube it. Other than that, she was pretty good this week, until the f'ers 2 doors over had another party and she got keyed.

I also had some weird buyers. One flamingly upset because I had a problem with an item and I couldn't ship it after it sold. Refund and apology was not enough, he claimed fraud. And another buyer ripped an apron and claimed it "fell apart" You know right in the middle of an 8" line of stitching that was back tacked 3 times in the middle where it "fell apart". Now those of you who sew, know that it is impossible for stitching to "fall apart" in the middle. Damn I hate liars. If the dude pursues, I'm claiming fraudulent return on him. That's the good think about that expensive site. 

Sunday was the full moon and it was huge, beautiful, and drove all the animals mad. I was ready to kill. The cats were running around howling, the females got into a fight, and the dog, well she's always annoying. 

That's all I care to share this week. Till next time. Hugs and Puppies :)

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Pili said...

The best thing about the full moon is that it shall pass!

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