Monday, January 2, 2012

Life on Mars - It's a New Year!

Meeting last years Goals

A blog post a day. 176 posts was not a bad effort. I actually had a few that people read too. I tried. I think that 176 will be my goal for next year. Maybe 177. Don't want to push it.

Loosing 60 lbs - Fail - Gained 10 - Crap

Increasing sales in 2011 - Bottom line not tallied yet, but I think fail - looks like less sales

Make a website - First half of the year - major fail - bought a domain and never built the site - December - finally built my site - big success

January first started not so well. My bad tooth started acting up again (had to have that Nutella, eh?) Not a great night of sleep. Then a cat used my face (eye in particular) as traction for higher ground.

What a way to wake up. Look at what he did. Sleeping with the eye mask on from now on. Or maybe goggles. I like my purple shadow better over my eye and it would look so much better if I could put on eyeliner and mascara. Not until I heal a bit. Damn Cats!

New Year - New Goals

This guy here is my new idol. He's about my age and what great shape he's in. Stephen Lang from Terra Nova - Avitar - Connan. I can do that. I'm sure. I just need to work at it. I actually have muscle, just a lot of fat sitting on top of it. Well I'm going to try.

And as for my business. I'm going to launch a serious campaign to get my jewelry into Brick and Mortars. I really hate craft shows and the online sales are not going as well as I'd like. Best thing to do is get into some stores. Check back with me next year.

Well even though my tooth is a wreck and my eye looks like I spent the night in a bar brawl, I have great hope. Some of the best years of my life started in Misery on New Years Day. Don't believe what they say.


Pili said...

I hope the year will be a great success, Cinders!

Jane Skoch said...

OMG! You always make me laugh but I'm cringing at your poor eye! Can you ditch the cats? (I don't have pets, can you tell?)

Lil' Bit Sassy said...

My sales weren't so good either this year. Worst in four years I've been on etsy. I also want to get my items in brick and mortar stores. I did sell some dog coats to a couple of stores and took some book covers and totes to the used book store in town so that's a start!

vintage eye said...

Man Crusty! You do know how to ring in a New Year! Here's hoping things start looking up!

Shadow Dog Designs said...

Wishing you a MUCH better 2012 than the way it started. Hopefully more sales will come your way and that you have great success getting into B&M stores. You web site looks wonderful, BTW!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Your poor eye! And as far a teeth go, I can totally sympathize. As soon as I fix one, another one goes. I am in constant debt due to my teeth.

I really wish you all the best for 2012. You so much deserve it Cinders!!

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