Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sharing Time - DIY Home

I think that Winter is such a Great time to spruce up your home. January can be such a drag, holidays over, taxes to do. Ugh! When I worked outside of the net, I used to schedule work in Mexico in January. No snow and bright colors. What fun. But no Mexico now, so I thought I'd give you some brilliant home fix up links.

I love the idea of ceramic paint on things around the house, from Better Homes and Gardens

And Wall Crates How cute over at Apartment Therapy

Have a nasty old dresser? How about repainting? From

And I just love the idea of Painted bottles and Jars Wouldn't this be a great idea to do with the hand painting in the picture? You could make lamps out of big glass jars or bottles. Or silk flower vases. I love the idea.

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Pili said...

Great ideas for doing at home, though some might require more ability than others!

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