Monday, January 16, 2012

Life on Mars - A Series of Fortunate Events

I've been writing this other blog Four Months - A Diary of Progress and I have to tell you, the encouragement and compliments I've received there have almost gone to my head. You see, I've decided to emerge from my menopausal fog and do SOMETHING with my life. That means earning a decent wage...I think.

It's been a kinder week. That whack job of a customer left me stupid negative feedback "BuyerBeware!Seller cancels-After I won it-Claims item had sudden"serious issues" That's going to keep buyers away. Did you ever have a customer who didn't believe their item was damaged after you apologize and refund their money?

But that was last week and this week things were kind of nice and quiet. There was some bad weather, and I did almost slide down our hill with the car. The older boy did slide down our steps outside, holding a bowl of soup, which got spilled all over his clothes. His dad saw the aftermath in the snow and worried that one of the boys got very sick. The younger boy was crossing the street with me, talking about being careful not to slide down the hill, when all of a sudden - feet in the air and he was gone, and laying in the street. It was all pretty funny, no one was injured.

Neighbors were quiet. No one was hauled off in an ambulance for a UTI this week. I really didn't get as much work done as I wanted to, but I did accomplish a bit. I also earned enough money to buy a few things to launch some of my plans. I bought packaging for my retail items and a website for my product designs. Still working on both. 

If only all weeks could be as productive and quiet as this one. Well the oven rack did pop off the bracket and the two pans of lasagna did land on the kitchen floor and I did loose 2/3s of one of them. Could have been worse, we could have lost all the lasagna.

All in all a pretty good week. 

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Pili said...

Decent weeks should be norm, let's hope it becomes so!

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