Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bizz Buzz - Life Without Etsy Part Deux

I had another post written for today, I bumped it to next week because I wanted to write this post about my amazing Daughter Poppy.

About a year ago, Etsy made an unfair decision to shut down Poppy's shop. She had been on Etsy for years and was a top supporter and a top seller of handmade original clothing designs. She also reconstructed shirts and there was where the problem lay. While she sells reconstructed shirts on other sites without problem, Etsy chose to remove her and all of her shops including one we shared, because of excessive flagging, even though her items were legally made and the flagging not valid. Etsy didn't listen to reason. You can read more about the incident in these past posts. Etsy Shop Closings

Poppy's clothes are beautiful, original and wonderfully comfortable and well constructed. She's amazing at her craft. Watching her design is a treat. She gets an idea in her head, lays out fabric and just cuts it. She takes her pieces to the machine and just like magic it's perfect. No patterns, no measuring and she can reproduce it over and over without pattern, in any size. I could never sew for her when she was in the hospital, because her patterns are all in her head. When she was on Etsy, she was on the front page regularly. You remember her adorable Poppy Longstockings I'm sure.

This month Poppy is Clearing out her Poppy shop on Artfire at ridiculously low prices as she prepares to close shop. She has to go back the the Genre fashion that brought her to Etsy from eBay. It makes me very sad, and I'm sure it makes her even sadder to see all of that wonderful work sold for practically nothing. But Artfire and eBay are a different animal than Etsy was.

Poppy will still have her genre shop, Poppy's Wicked Garden but that's her cash cow, not her heart and soul. I know how she feels, because I'm not selling my beloved product either, but I chose to try another path with it. Poppy has a new baby and doesn't have the time to try other markets, when she has product that sells.

So if you get a chance, stop by Poppy and pick up a great deal, or tell Poppy how great you think her designs are. She'll appreciate that.

Thank You Poppy for Making the world a prettier place.


Poppys Wicked Garden said...

Thank you. It does sadden me so much to have to move on from this part of my life, but the show must go on. I can always create customs for my loyal customers and friends when I need the outlet:D

Poppys Wicked Garden said...

Oh, It doesn't sadden me as much to see my designs sell for so little as it has to see my beautiful designs sitting and not selling for a whole year:( I will be happy to know that my designs will be loved especially if they might go to someone who couldn't afford the before.

vintage eye said...

I have several pairs of Longstockings as well as some I have given as gifts. I love them & wear them often. Sorry to see you close up shop poppy but a girls gotta do... Best of luck now & always! :)

Pili said...

I'm sorry to hear Poppy's awesome creations are not selling on Artfire... her pieces are amazing, and I love all the ones that I've bought throught the years!

Brooke Van Gory said...

I agree, it is really sad to see her have to shut up shop. Artfire has been really good to me, but I can see how maybe with clothing, it could be way different. :( That being said, I love Jen and all her wonderful creations, and no matter where she is selling, I will always follow her!

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