Friday, February 3, 2012

Putting it Together - Selling your Craft Part Two

This week I'd like to send you to other blogs. Yes that's right, you heard me. I've been reading a lot of information to boost sales and there are some really wonderful resources out there.

If you haven't been to Handemadeology you should. It is just loaded with great tips for sellers, and while the focus is on Etsy, many of the tips are great for all internet selling. I do wish they would realize that there are more sites to sell on, but Tim Adams has a really great source of information in his site.
Look for the tab Etsy Selling Tips. Most relate to all of us.

My favorite site to browse is Oh My Handmade Goodness. They are just full of resources for sellers. they have great tips for growing your business in every way, where ever you sell. They are even working on a resource guide that will be available in April of 2012 at a suggested price of a $2 donation. What could be better than that? The sponsors will be picking up most of the cost of producing it. Oh My! Handmade Guide to Businessy Goodness make sure you check out that one.


Pili said...

Both sound like very good resources to check, and I'll probably get that guide myself, thinking of the future!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Thanks for all the tips Cindy!

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