Monday, February 13, 2012

Life on Mars - A Week Abbreviated

I didn't post last week, because I was sick. I need to catch up with life so I'm giving you the abbreviated version of the week.

No ambulance or police visits, but MIL did get out of the Hospital, seems she was really sick last time.

Kids and Animals really do go crazy during the full moon.

Even if you throw the damn cat out the door for a few days he will still find a way to pee on the new carpet.

Cats with muddy paws will find their way onto the new sofa even if it's covered.

I know why God gave us fingernails, and, that She did intend for us to invent the sharp kitchen knife.

The human sinus can hold an absolutely astounding amount. My brain must be smaller than I thought it was.

I don't care enough about you all to blog when I feel lousy.

I can get hooked on Downton Abbey too.

Cars do not heal themselves. Damn things!

1 comment:

Elizabeth Howard said...

If we could figure out a way to fix that self-healing car thing, we could really BE somebodies in this world. Just sayin'.

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