Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Coming back to Chardon

Last week as you know there was a tragic event in Chardon, Ohio. One that would affect the community for many years to come. I've mentioned that Chardon is the closest town to my home with a shopping area. We stayed away last week, and shopped in another town, just to stay out of the way. There were so many from other towns, who came to give support or to try to insinuate themselves in the situation. We chose to give the town their space.

Yesterday we decided to return to Chardon. All along our drive, there were black and red ribbons (Chardon High School Colors) tied on the trees and homes and businesses. Not just in Chardon, but also the surrounding communities. We passed the safety center, where the young shooter was held by the police, and my heart sunk with the sadness of the whole incident.

Once we got into Chardon there were one heart signs all over town. There were portable toilets around the park and remnants of the gatherings at the gazebo. The town was eerily quiet, as though everyone had been too exhausted from the weeks events, to do any more. We ate at Wendy's and it was just a normal event. I shopped at Aldi's. Some people walked around in Chardon jackets and red and black, some businesses had ribbons and signs.

Life to an outsider might seem to have returned to normal. I don't think that the residents of Chardon feel normal though. I hope the love that the world has shown to them helps to heal the terrible rip in their lives.

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