Monday, March 5, 2012

Life on Mars - Is it a Full Moon

This was on of the most Bizarre weeks ever. Monday started with calling the tow truck to take the car to the garage, then news of the shooting at Chardon High school. After the rear brakes were totally taken apart and put together, brakes are still bad. $120 and the car barely stops.

Listening to the news all day, Chardon kids being held at school and no one really knows what happened or how many kids are hurt.

Turns out that the guy who runs the car shop down the street worked at my ex husband's garage as his assistant manager. Funny how life is.

Five kids shot at Chardon and the news kept repeating an interview with a kid whose ear was grazed by a bullet. I wonder what that kid will think for the rest of his life, what would have happened if that bullet was just one inch closer.

That night the first victim died, and I drove our car to the store to pick up some things. The breaks almost completely went out. I did a lot of praying and thank God there were no cars on the road. We won't be driving that car anymore.

Tuesday I call an old associate that wanted me to do some designs for him. I used to freelance for him about 4 years ago. Just out of the blue. So by weeks end I need to design at least 5 new items.

Two more of the kids die. Two in the hospital. One paralyzed.

I can't even begin to tell you how much the shooting in Chardon affected my life. I shop in Chardon, the Walmart that served as a triage for the victims is our Walmart. We buy our groceries at the Chardon, Aldi, and we repair our house with supplies from the Chardon, Home Depot.

It's not just that we shop there that has touched me. It's the great sense of community spirit and support. These people aren't screaming and complaining, they are holding hands and lighting candles. Many have great sympathy for the shooter, who is obviously a very troubled young man. All the trees in Chardon have Red Ribbons and the parents and children all marched back into the school together, from the town park to show solidarity, with other Chardon residents standing all along the route with signs of support. the first High School Basketball game after the shooting, opposing team wore Chardon shirts and colors to support their opponents. They all hugged and cried before and after the game. When the radical Westboro Baptist Church threatened to picket the funerals of the young boys, Chardon residents made a human barricade chain to keep them out.

The Chardon theme "Our Hearts Beat as One" is so true. As described so well in this story at

There was an evil thing that happened here in Chardon, but from the blackness and despair grew a beautiful rose of love and light.

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Pili said...

I'm really sorry to hear about such a horrible event...

Can't you get new brakes for the car?

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