Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poppy's Soap Box - LilyBugBabyThings Review

Last Tuesday was package day and in rummaging through the packages I received Inside of one marked SunflowerRadiantLove was a package from LilyBugBabyThings (they live in the same town so if you order together you can save on shipping too, I will review their packages later) Today I'll review the little crib Shoes I bought from an auction I was involved in.

First looks-these are totally adorable I mean how can you not love little baby shoesies that are handmade!

Construction- These are very high quality! Nicely made with serged seams on the inside and little encased elastic at the ankle. There are no uncomfortable edges to irritate little feet.

Wearability- I have to tell you, Luna has about 20 pairs of shoes and a 50 socks, most of which she has tossed of one of and lost at one point. These were easy to get on her fat little feet and lasted a day long journey through the mall and Thrift store shopping!

Value- For $12 I would have to say these are an incredible price for these little shoes that actually stay put!

Some of the images are fuzzy, because Luna was so delighted with the booties, she couldn't sit still.

Poppy's shop is She sells wonderful clothing, costumes and accessories. Poppy loves to shop, so she will be doing reviews of product regularly here on Wednesdays. If you would like to have Poppy review something of yours, please contact her through her shop.


Pili said...

Luna is such a cutie! And yay for booties that stay put!

Poppys Wicked Garden said...

I just wanted to mention after her wearing these so much I decided to try my hand at making them...Needless to say I will be putting an order in soon:P

Thank you for letting me share Cinders, I'll be back on my Soap Box next week:)

saskia said...

haha! they are easy to make, they are all Freedom and Cody wore, you can find free patterns all over the net- :) but I agree, sometimes it's nice to have someone make them for us and Bridgette does a great job- I have to tell you I won a pair of these shoes that someone else made, with a diaper that vilate made quite a few years back- well, I got vilate's fabric scraps and when I started making dollies, I made shoes to- And Bridgette started making shoes so I gave her scraps from Vilate- scrap love I tell you! I send all shoe inquiries her way :)

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