Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shops I Like - Polarity - HautTotes - JulianBean

This week the shops I like are all about inspiration and how it creates your craft. Three very different mediums, three very different lives, three very wonderful artists, and three great women and mothers.

The first shop is You will find the coolest lockets, rings, magnets and bracelets at Cat's shop. The images are magnetic, so you can have several looks and one great price. There are a few things I love about Cat and her product. First, she repurposes materials (auto parts), and she showcases amazing artists. The artwork is wonderful and features every genre and style you can imagine. See for yourself.

The next shop is Melissa is another seller who features great artwork on her purses and bags. I love the rich and often dark themes of her original fabrics. Her bags are incredibly well made too, and for the quality and uniqueness, the price is amazing. The bags are great, but the selection of artwork is even more wonderful. I love every artist Melissa chose to work with. Take your time browsing.

Finally there's Erin is just the cleverest with a crochet hook. She makes Hats and accessories that are just adorable. Every time I look at her shop, she has something new. I absolutely adore her owl hats, and the other animals, monkeys, lions, giraffe, kitty, monkey, bees and bears are too fantastic. I think she must have been inspired by the zoo. The great thing is that she can make those awesome hats from tiny newborn size to adult.  I really love her slouch hats too, great big buttons on the side and great colors too. Please Stop by JulianBean to see what Erin has for you.

I couldn't give a better recommendation to these shops or the lovely sellers. Such unique and well crafted product. Fun, wonderful, and you will definitely have a treasure that's as unique as you are.


Pili said...

You've chosen 3 shops I love and I've bought before! Love them!

Elizabeth Howard said...

Excellent choices! I've checked them all out before, and they're all AWESOME :D

LittleMommaErin said...

aw thanks so much for sharing Julian Bean! i love these shops!

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