Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bizz Buzz - Retention and Rewards

Seller sites for e-commerce. It's almost like they think THEY are what makes them what they are, and you should be grateful that you have a venue to sell on. Did you know that YOU are what makes them what they are and THEY should be grateful to have you there?

Today I received a Congratulations from eBay. I've been a seller there for 6 years (actually Poppy started the shop and I took it over 4+ years ago). I've probably had 4000 - 5000 sales, maybe more as I have over 1900 feedback and the rate of feedback is 50% or even less now that you can't leave negative feedback for buyers, no matter how bad they are and how they shaft you. You think Etsy is bad? Try selling on eBay. And now they can have PayPal hold your funds if you are new, sell out of your category, or sell an item over $250. Whaaaaat?????

Back to my  notification from the President and CEO of eBay. After 6 years of making them money (decent money too with the fees they charge) Did I get a one day discount on fees? No. Did I get a gift certificate for an eBay Purchase? No. Did I get Cake and Ice Cream? No. Well what the hell did you get?

I sold on eBay for 6 years and mad them, I guess about $4000 in that time (averaging sales) and all I got was a lousy virtual certificate that I had to print myself. They suggest that I print it and display it proudly. Does it have my name on it? No. Does it say how many years I've been a seller? No. Does it have Balloons and Ribbons? Yes. So here I am, displaying proudly this piece of crap that means absolutely nothing and isn't even personalized so you have to take my word for the fact that I've been a seller there for 6 years.

In case you didn't get it, I'm not proud of this piece of crap. And this is not a Reward or a way to Retain sellers. As a matter of fact I'm pretty pissed. I was thinking about re-opening a store and now I just feel like dirt and I'd like to sell at a venue that genuinely cares. Or one that takes the time to at least have the computer generate a certificate with my shop name and the total years on it. After all, it's just virtual. How about an anniversary discount eBay? How about a free listing day on your anniversary?

Oh and eBay? Thank you for making my day.

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