Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Poppy's Soapbox - SunflowerRadiantLove

O.K. since I keep telling Saskia over at Sunflowerradiantlove that I'm going to review her beautiful Waldorf Inspired dolls, that is exactly what I'm going to do. I promise I don't only review kid stuff though:P Her Custom Waldorf Inspired Knotty blanket doll mama and baby

First looks-These remind me of when I was a little girl, my mom Cinders(you know the loud mouthed lady that runs this blog) made Waldorf style dolls. I was in love as soon as I tore open the package.

Construction- Very well made with lots of hand stitching and attention to detail. the stuffing is sturdy wool so they are heavier and more sturdy than you would imagine!
Wearability- Luna eats her little knots and tosses her across the room all day long and they still look brand new.

Value- $28-$32 Hello, 2 toys in one for around $30 and handmade too! Great deal(you may want some even if you don't have kids)

You can find her on ETSY
and thank goodness for me she also will sell directly from her Facebook

Now let's talk about my Handmade challenge, spending $25 a month on handmade is not really that hard when you get going but still I may need help:P I hope you guys decide to accept the Challenge too!

Please comment below on your favorite(or your own) shop Write a sentence about it with the shop link, remember I Can't buy on Etsy(though other Handmade Challenge shoppers probably can) So if you want me to buy add an alternative link!

Also be sure to follow this blog because I'm doing a Giveaway next week :D

a PS and mini lesson from Cinders:

If you want to leave a clickable link on your comment here, or any other blog, here is a little tutorial from Black Cat Design.


Poppys Wicked Garden said...

BTW I love her so much I just ordered another one:P

Please be sure to let us know if you are participating in the Handmade challenge too!

I hope this comment section gets loaded with shops to choose from, remember even shops I've purchased from are welcomed to post because *fingers crossed* lots of people will shop! YAY!!!

Jane Skoch said...

Aw, Luna is a "doll". I don't have any little babies to buy for, but I will keep these in mind! I'll never forget my favorite doll, a ragdoll, handmade by an aunt. It sits on Annie's shelf today!

I don't need to tell you guys about my shop cuz you two sew! So I'll just spam your comment anyway to try out the clickable link.

Maiden Jane

A few shops I have made purchases from lately though are




Fripperie said...

Hmm, my vintage patterns are on Etsy only, but my prints are on Zibbet as well at Etsy...

Pili said...

My latest handmade purchase were Rachel Rene, but right now I think she only sells on Etsy, even though she had a website (she's carrying the Spa Therapy line of facial and other goodies) and a top from Rad Rocket, who also is on Etsy only (I think).

Cody said...

I love her dolls! I am a fan on FB!

I recently purchased a Kindle cover for my MIL and handmade birthday card for a friend. I also custom ordered handmade tags and thank you cards for my business this month too. Totaling about $50 in handmade buys. :)

I make Mon-stors - storage solutions for kids in the form of monsters! I also make monster plushes. :) my links: (store) (blog) (FB)

Poppys Wicked Garden said...

So cool to see all of the handmade artisan support:) I already have found new stores that I need to but from! I hope we can fill this with more shops to buy from:D

Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers said...

Jane... these dolls are not just for babies. Or I am a baby. I personally own 8 of Saskia's dolls. Not to mention that my kids (6 of those) each have at least 2 or 3! You should get one just for you!!

Hum... shops?
Pixiekids Toys on FB (she has an etsy shop too. But you can contact her though her FB page.

Rainwater Botanical I buy sunscreen from them! my kids all have light complexions and burn! I don't know if you can buy from their FB page. They do have an etsy shop.

Pickin' Daisies This is a friend that is just starting her shop up. She is going to sell from FB for awhile. She will have some fun things when she gets up and going.

I guess I will stop there for right now. :)

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