Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Poppy's Soapbox - BrookeVanGory

First off I have officially decided to commit to buying at least $25 in handmade a month (of course I usually spend more) If everyone committed to spending $25 a month on handmade, Just imagine how many artists/crafters could be happy doing what they love :).... O.K. onto business, Today I'm posting about BrookeVanGory Diaper bags. I personally adore Brooke but that does not bias my opinion of her product in the least, because that's how I roll :P

I own 2 BrookeVanGory Diaper Bags The Expedient weekender bigger with a zipper closure and the Fundamental tote, a bit smaller with a magnet snap closure (pink Hello Kitty) They are both pretty roomy though!

First looks-Since you can custom make these any way your heart desires these really make me smile, I spent forever choosing my favorite fabrics and I felt like it was Christmas morning when it came.

Construction- Beautifully made with attention to detail. Lots of top stitching and quality sturdy twill reinforcement!

Wearability- These bags will Last just about forever! Seriously I use my Fundamental every day and it still looks brand new:)

Value- $52.99-$99.99 really for a designer handmade bag that will last through several kids Is truly amazing. I actually just bought one for my BFF for her first baby and she adores it too.

you can find her on Artfire


Pili said...

I love Brooke too! I got me a camera bag that is my staple hand luggage bag when I'm travelling!

I think I do spend more than 25 EUR per month in handmade goods, but it's a good idea to make a commitment like that!

Kenzie said...

I love Brooke's bags! I can't wait to get one of my own.

Spending $25 a month on handmade should be easy for most people. It's a worthy goal no matter what your budget is.

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