Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shops I Like - Cubits - StudioBotanica - TheHickoryTree

This week I'm looking forward to the garden. It's been a crazy winter and an even crazier Spring. I think April was colder here than it was all winter, and March had days as warm as Summer! I hope to plant my veggies as soon as I'm sure we're not getting snow (like in June).

These three sellers are nature lovers like me. All three have very different product, but all three celebrate the garden and nature. I love what they have to offer. Two of the sellers I know, the third is a shop I recently found  and love too.

The first shop is Cubits. Like their banner says, organic, rare and heirloom seeds. And what a selection there is in this shop. Someday my garden will be filled with these treasures. I can't wait to try the Organic Lemon Cucumber or the Heirloom Tomatoes. Look at these yummy veggies and fruits. Head over to the shop right now and get you seeds, I did. Great selection of Herbs too. What can I say, my mouth is watering.

The next shop is Studio Botanica I've been acquainted with Cristy for quite some time. I remember when she first started selling and wasn't sure which craft she wanted to focus on. she's a very talented person. I think her love of nature pushed her in the right direction finally, because her new shop offerings are just wonderful. My personal favorites are her pressed flower and leaf rings and pendants, but her botanical vials and plant printed flowers and journals are great too. You really need to stop by and see her work.

Finally we have The Hickory Tree I recently came across this shop. I'm not only a big fan of nature, I'm absolutely fascinated with stones and wood, and does this shop have the wood. The shop is filled with some of the most unique buttons you could possibly find. For those of you who do not know wood, finding spalted maple or hickory or even lilac wood buttons are just a delight. So beautiful and well crafted. These are all made from branches, which is wonderful because branches fall naturally, or they do have to be thinned from trees, helping rather than harming the tree. You have to take a look at this shop, really! These buttons are really great for fiber artists, but there are more things in the shop too.

It's been such a beautiful adventure. I think I'll go sip some coffee out in the sun and enjoy the day. Please stop by these great shops and get yourself a little treasure or two.


Pili said...

Thank you for sharing these shops, I didn't know any of them!

Cristy StudioBotanica said...

What a sweet write up, glad to be in the company of these lovely shops! Thank you, Cindy!

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