Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Poppy's Soapbox - Rocky the Zombie

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks and with money flush at the moment I was able to go way over budget.... This amazing Artist did not make me break the bank though!

Today I'm reviewing Rocky The Zombie

and her Beautiful zombie fairy

First looks- It almost looks like Ranon went to Poppy packaging 101 with the pretty ribbon & tissue... Now onto the shirt, Just gorgeous, super crisp beautiful and vibrant. I just love how it's very Burtonesque with a Rocky The Zombie twist Love, Love, LOVE!

Construction- Ranon uses very nice shirts. This was a 24-36 month and My giant babe was swimming (so it was sized just right because this chunk wears an 18-24 month normally)

Wearability- Ranon uses Permaset inks which are the best! What makes you say that you ask? That is my go to Screenprinting ink! I have shirts with that ink from 5 years ago that look awesome still:) These shirts will stay pretty forever!

Value- $14 for kids $20 for adult size, these are really a great buy and will just make you smile:)

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(photo editing by Enfant de la mer Photographie )

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