Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shops I like - Jewelry Supplies on Etsy

This week I'm digging into supply shops. I have to admit though, that I buy a lot of my beads and findings on eBay. I definitely buy my rare fabrics on eBay, because they are almost impossible to find anywhere else.

When I'm looking for supplies, I look for a beautiful product at a good price. Photography is very important in grabbing my attention. All of these shops have excellent photography and product.

The First shop is BeadFrenZ. I have known Molly for a long time. The selection she has is outstanding, the Photography is stunning and the prices for what she is selling is unbelievable. This is a definite, go to shop.

The next shop is LeCotillon. Honestly, I haven't purchased from this shop. I found it while searching for something, and the photography just grabbed me and wouldn't let me go. The prices are really good too. Although this seller is in Canada, I would definitely endure the wait to get these precious trinkets.

The third shop is HempCraft. What lovely bright and colorful product. And once again photography that clearly defines what you will buy and grabs you off your seat. Great Prices too. I love the fun product.

I am focusing on handmade findings next. First

I'm going to voice a pet peeve of mine now. Some of you make beautiful handmade earrings and you stick those awful 80's style fish hook earrings with the little ball and wire wrap. PLEASE go and change them right away. You don't need expensive ear wires, but have wires that LOOK as though they were handmade. It's kind of like setting a beautifully hand polished stone on a beer can band. Look at the overall design of your work and all of the elements that you are putting in it. Here are some nice wires and more.

The first shop is FoothillsFindings. A wonderful selection of all sorts of beautiful handmade findings. Absolutely excellent pricing for handmade findings (how do they do that?) All price ranges. Beautiful findings.

The next shop is RockisMetalwork. This shop has some of the most unique ear wires I have seen, along with standard ear wires and lovely findings. And honestly, the price is great for the product.

Aren't these just the greatest shops? Please at least take a look. I think when you do, you will be tempted to purchase and even start making jewelry if you don't already :)


MalinkaZ said...

How honored BeadFrenZ is to be included in this wonderful blog.

Elisa said...

Those turquoise beads on the top right make me what to start making jewelry! Thanks for sharing your great finds. And I had no idea there were so many interesting ear wires available.

Hand Painted Petals said...

A terrific blog (and I share your comment about the wires). Good to see these shops highlighted here!

FoothillsFindings said...

Thanks Cinders for your compliments and the mention of my Etsy shop in your blog! I do try to keep my prices affordable to encourage the use of handmade findings, versus the mass produced things you see out there. And, I agree with you 100%, nothing ruins a hand made pair of earrings or any hand made
piece of jewelry faster than using mass produced findings.
Thanks again and love your blog!

Online Fashion Jewelry said...

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