Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Words of Wisdom - The F Word

Someone had a birthday yesterday and thought she was older than she really was. No not me, I know how old I really am. But on her blog someone posted about getting older and not being able to say the F word.

I lie about my age too. For the past 15 years at least, I've been telling everyone I'm 60 and don't I look good. It's getting to the point where I'm going to have to say I'm 80 and don't I look good, because I'm nearly 60 and starting to look like it. And to tell you the honest truth Suzanne Summers, I don't believe it's all healthy eating and bioidenticals. I think it's a little plastics and fuzzy lenses.

Here is my secret to staying young. Eat all the junk you want and visualize that it's healthy food. Blow up a picture of yourself when you were young and thin and place it in your bathroom mirror frame. Get one of those funhouse full length mirrors, the kind that make you skinny. DO NOT wear your glasses when putting on makeup. Don't take ANYTHING seriously. Buy bubbles and a bubble wand and sit outside for at least 30 minutes each day trying to blow the biggest bubble ever. In the winter you can make the biggest snowball/snowman. And as my stepmother says, scrub your feet clean everyday. I think it's just the bending down to reach them that keeps her flexible and young. Oh yeah, and use a paint effect on your profile pic ;)

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