Friday, August 17, 2012

Living in a Cave

I make jokes all the time. Well, at least some people think they're jokes. OK maybe everyone thinks I'm not serious. Like when I was making 80K a year and I told them I want to be a grocery store cashier and just stand and scan. I really wasn't kidding. Maybe a cashier at Aldi's would be better, they don't pack the groceries and they get to sit.

I guess I was tired of the pressure imposed by unreasonable employers, who think that "you" can save the company with your talent and wit, even in a down economy. No one expects a grocery clerk to do that. Sure, I mad a lot more money, but what do you really need to survive. After all, I did end up giving it all up to be my own boss and make literally nothing selling online. So people think (and rightly so) that I'm crazy.

Back to living in a cave. I've not been one to need constant human companionship. As a matter of fact, I think I wasn't taught how to make friends or relate to others in the way most of you have. I was put in daycare in an age where no one was put in day care, before anyone knew that you had to teach your kids certain skills. As a matter of fact, I'm now thinking that the reason I, as a mature adult, know how to communicate via internet, as well as my younger counterparts, is because many of them weren't nurtured by their parents either. Interesting thought. Maybe those that spend the most time on facebook or twitter, were "raised by wolves" like I was.

So one of the things I joke about (not really) is that I'd like to live in a cave, or a little cabin in the woods, as long as I have my computer and wifi. I guess I need a little electricity for a light and to charge my battery, but I wouldn't need much. If I had mail delivery, I could even run my business. Do they deliver mail to caves?


Orion Designs said...

I live in a little cabin in the woods ... with electricity and running water. I love it and I think you would too!

Caves, I can do without. There are bugs in them.

Pili said...

I love the idea of a place not in the middle of everything, but with your own space, and yeah, electricity and internet and mail delivery, what else would you need?

Teresa Levite said...

I have the same dream. The cabin in the woods dream. Haven't thought about a cave, but the heating/cooling advantages make it worth considering. I never went to daycare. Was raised by a SAHM. And I still have better internet relationships than real life, face-to-face relationship. And Aldi's? Yeah, that sounds like my dream job!

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