Monday, September 10, 2012

Life on Mars - Online School and Exhaustion

So you're thinking about online school for your kids. I guess if you have as bad of a school system as we do you might consider it: if your kids are not doing as well as you like, you might consider it: if you kids are bullied: you might consider it. 
My grandsons weren't living up to expectations, and in the really rotten school they went to, they were getting yelled at constantly. Imagine your kids teachers pointing out your child specifically and saying...there's so and so again, daydreaming. I mean they did that to me, but that was a LONG time ago. 

First, registration is NOT easy. We thought we had almost everything 2 weeks before school. Then we needed this, and that, and another thing. Immunization records, last report cards, a 2 hour long online form for EACH of the kids, computer waiver forms,  birth certificates, progress reports, the list seemed never ending. This school was not like any other, we had to get everything, there was no transfer of information from the other school.

The registration process took us so long that the boys missed close to 3 weeks of school, because the online school started earlier and had less vacation days than our local school. We are a bit lost and behind right now. And the tough part is that I have to work WAY more than I imagined, because I am the boys coach. 

The boys  need to work about 5 hours a day, and I have to sit by the third grader and help him understand everything he's working on. And I don't get a lot right now. I had to take an online coaching course that was several hours (I haven't even finished it yet). 

Here is the plus. The students get all of their books, and study materials free. The 3rd grader even got a nice art kit and paper (no, I don't have to go out and buy crayons and pencils and erasers enough to last everyone in the class for a year). Most of their work is done in their provided workbooks, wow, no paper either. They also each get a loaner computer for the school year. YAY!

And the other nice thing? Their grades are already improving. The 9th grader works well independently and he's working very hard. The third grader is going to be a LOT of work, but he likes the way he's learning. Some of the classes are fun, he can go back when he doesn't understand, and they have cute videos too. I'm hoping he will eventually be a bit more independent. 
So that's what Life on Mars was like this week. Coaching, learning, unpacking and setting up computers, and designing and finishing my new purse.


Sara Valente twillypop said...

I'm sorry to hear that it's so much work for you. Maybe, as they adjust to it more, you will be able to ease off a bit.

I am so happy to hear that their grades are imroving. It makes my heart so sad to hear about them being singled out & basically "labeled" by their past teachers. I think it's amazing that you have made this decision for and commitmnet to their education.
Love you, Cinders

vintage eye said...

You have got to be the snarkiest schoolmarm ever! ;) Good luck!

Denise said...

I know what hard work this is. I'm glad to see it's working for the kids!

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