Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Cost of Freedom

My ancestors were immigrants to the United States of America. They were from Ireland, Germany and Hungary. They left their countries to find a better life in America. I bet most of you living in the US have a similar story. Some of my ancestors even came to the US to be servants to wealthy Americans. It was a way to escape poverty or famine in their country.

I've been hearing so much hate against, well, just about everything lately. Hate against Muslims, Jews, Chinese, Mexicans, the poor (how does one hate the poor?), the wealthy, the educated, the uneducated, gays, lawyers (I get that), taxes, the guy at the quickie mart. and so much more.

People claiming to be Christian, who forget that they are to love, forgive and be charitable. People who forget that they are not just like their neighbor and their neighbor has a right to his own beliefs.

It doesn't hurt you that your neighbor is gay, or black, or Muslim, or even a Republican. It hurts you to think that your way is the only way, and it hurts you to hate. Your hate is eating away at you, and killing you.

I have also, always felt it was my duty as a citizen to pay my fair share to help this great country. That's why it is so great. You want schools, roads, police, and an army to protect us and help the world, you pay taxes. You want a safe and comfortable place for your children to grow up and learn, you pay taxes.

image via http://mtxtremist.blogspot.com/2008_08_01_archive.html
Those of you who have not been to poorer countries have no clue. In Bangkok, Thailand, people have sheds in the big city against corporate buildings. In Manila, (Philippines) people have sheds, by the railroad tracks and under bridges for shelter. In Mexico, crime is so bad that the police stand by banks with assault riffles to protect them. Children perform in the middle of busy streets for a few pennies. People are so poor in those countries, that there is much crime, theft, drug trafficking, and murder, just so people can survive and feed their families.

You should all be grateful that you earn enough to be able to pay 25% and still have enough to pay for your food, your cars and your nice homes. And a retirement program that will provide for you in your senior years.

Maybe I'm just a bleeding heart liberal, maybe I understand the meaning of freedom, maybe I've seen the bigger picture or maybe, just maybe, I've looked in the mirror and have seen where I came from and who I really am.

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