Monday, September 24, 2012

Life on Mars - The Week Everything Broke

I suppose I shouldn't say that EVERYTHING broke. Because if I do that, then we're sure to be cursed with more damages. But last week our iron broke, the computer fried on our sewing machine, our serger sewing machine stopped working right, the oldest boy was rocking on one of the kitchen chairs and that kinda snapped in two and as I opened the refrigerator door one of the racks snapped in two and everything on the shelf landed on the floor.

I'm not saying I'm cursed or anything, but I was either using or near everything that broke. I was even standing right next to the boy when the chair crumbled under his butt. It was pretty funny, when he heard the loud crack, he didn't fall, he somehow balanced himself in the air, suspended over the chair.

It was not funny when the iron went. It was plugged into the wall and the younger boy was on a chair near it and he was rocking on his chair that got a leg over the wire. Sparks flew and he almost got fried as the cord got cut from the metal chair.

Things are looking up though. Poppy found a new refurbished Rowenta iron. It works like a dream. Our old iron was junk anyhow.

Our old sewing machine wasn't working very well. We've used it for over 4 years without servicing, it was ready to be laid to rest. We already got our new one and it's just fabulous. That's a picture of the Brother CS-6000 we got.

Our new serger is on it's way, and we are looking forward to being able to sew with ease. September through December is our busy season and we need some easy sewing. We call the new brother the no swear machine, because for now, we don't have to swear when we use it. I swore all the time with the other machine (a Brother, but a step down version).

I'm going to repair the chair and I already managed to fix the refrigerator rack with my E6000 glue. That stuff is amazing. With any luck this will will be a bit more positive.


vintage eye said...

It would appear that your sparkling personality is interfering with the electric grid!

Pili said...

Hopefully this week will be a great one, without any breaking and many orders coming!

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