Monday, October 8, 2012

Life on Mars - Busy as Hell

This one will be brief because there is no time no time.

Last week my son's lung collapsed again and he had to go back and have it re-inflated. I get little enough sleep, and he called me at midnight to tell me he talked to the Dr and they thought the bruising in his chest might be his heart bleeding. I told him to get to the ER immediately (he is on the other side of the country). He called back at 2 am. No bleeding heart but X-rays show his lung collapsed again. They sent him home and   put in a chest tube the next day. One day with the chest tube and he was good to go and now (knock wood) everything is working like it should be.

My DD's sales have hit the roof and there is no peace here. I have to handle everything else while she sews, which means I have to work on my merchandise at midnight and get no sleep training the new puppy. I do get a few hours to a) sew buttons on her costumes b) lace her corsets c) clean the house and do dishes and laundry and d) watch her baby and teach her boys.

We are trying a sitter this week. She is a mom with a girl in school. The girl is our mother's helper, so we're hoping that the Baby will love her and stay with her for at least 4 hours a day. THAT will help a LOT.

School is still crazy, but the younger boy finally has some programs that he can do all by himself (phew).
Both boys have much higher grades than they had at their brick and mortar school. And it isn't that the program is easy, it's just easier for them to learn.

Hope this was entertaining, I have no more time. See you again next week. Can't wait til Halloween season is over.

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Pili said...

Halloween is almost here, so hopefully you guys will get some peace soon!

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