Monday, October 1, 2012

Life on Mars - As If

As if life wasn't complicated enough with the Boys in Online school that I'm in charge of, and my own increasing sales, and the lighting designs, that I'm about to give up on, My DD's baby I watch, and the help I have to give her through the Halloween Sales (hand-stitching buttons, and skull heads, and threading corsets), my crazy daughter just picked up a worm infested 7 week old Lab - Boxer mix puppy.

OK - The Puppy's really cute. But I know it's going to be a lot of work and sleepless nights. FOR ME, because I'm the one who knows how to do everything around here, including training a puppy. She's a pretty good girl though. She already is pretty well trained. Goes outside.

I also had a full moon kind of week in other respects. My DS FINALLY got the temporary fix heart surgery he needed at the Mayo Clinic. For those of you who don't know, he's been trying to get disability insurance and Medicaid for several years. He finally got the insurance and it's been about a year that he's been trying to get diagnosed and whatever else he needed.

The full moon part of it, is not the fact that he finally got the defibrillator put in that will pace his irregular heartbeats and start him up if his heart stops, it's the fact that, even at the Mayo Clinic, there were complications. During the procedure his lung collapsed and his heart stopped. I was really freaked out when I found out, but he's already home and he seems to be doing OK.

Sales are really really good this month. For some reason Bow Ties are really hot. I know some were for homecoming, but that's pretty much over and I'm still selling ties. I also got a chance to have dinner with my lovely cousins again. Good food and wonderful company. So the week wasn't all tense and scary, just some parts.

Now that the full moon is over, lets hope the new month has a little smoother sailing.


Pili said...

Hopefully the kiddos will get on with the homeschooling without needing all the time supervision soon!

And I'm sure the puppy will be a lot of fun aside from the extra work!

vintage eye said...

I am so pleased that your son finally got the care he needs! Puppies are a pain but at least they do not roll their eyes at you & then ask to borrow the car! ;)

Biting Gnome Baubles said...

sounds like a FULL week! i'm glad your son's getting's a good feeling to KNOW what the problem is and to get treatment that works for it! i bet everything else will fall into place for you!!!! <3

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