Monday, October 29, 2012

Life on Mars - Growing Puppy and Less Bruising

OK so maybe this picture is not the best example of the bruise getting better, but today you can barely see it anymore. This is about as bad as it got. As my DD said, quite the little "accident".

Things were quiet here. Sales almost at a standstill. The kids all went to Halloweekend at the local amusement park. I cleaned the house. Everyone partied but me. There was even a clambake in the neighborhood, but I really didn't think that $70 for a bake was reasonable for my budget. Someone who visits the food pantry every month, however, found it in their budget to buy for 3 members of their family. Guess that's why they visit the pantry.

Anyhow the party was down the street and loud and fun sounding, but I didn't even crash, because I was trying to fill jewelry orders and make gifts for the Birthday girl who will soon be one, and the teen and trying my best to straighten out the explosion that happened to our house the past 2 months. I was not successful. Had one of those everything went a little wrong kind of weekends. Not disastrous, but just lots of little problems.

I also just had to post more pics of the pup. They aren't great because the best light is in the kitchen and the floor is black and white and the pup is black and white. There are also a lot of leaves on the floor from taking the pup in and out all day, but I didn't feel like cleaning it again just for the pics. I also clean the floor about 5 times a day, maybe more, because the pup is not quite trained yet. But for the most part, she is the best smartest puppy I've ever known. I did have a very smart dog once, but she was a little hyper. This one seems to have a calmer disposition. Not that she's calm, she's a pup, but she's better than my other dog.

Pup pup, who does not yet have a real name, rings a bell on the door, or grabs the leash when she wants out. But she mostly can't hold it long enough for me to get her in time. She sleeps in her crate for 10 hours at night. She sits on command when I give her a treat. She climbs the stairs and has since she was 8 weeks old, and yesterday when I took her for a walk and she came across a puddle stretching across the whole street, she jumped over it.She is only 10 weeks now. I think I can train this dog for shows. I was really mad when DD brought her home, but now I love her.

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