Monday, October 22, 2012

Life on Mars - Gummy Bears and Bruises

Another crazy week in costume hell. DD ordered fabric that was promised and never shipped. She had to rum out and buy more, interrupting her work flow. At the end of last week our NEW serger broke so we had to order another and wait until Tuesday to serge. DD did all her cutting while waiting. Good thinking Poppy.

We really could have used the babysitter all week, but she had things to do, so I had to deal most of the week with the baby and the 9 year old's school. Both boys got a little sick and were a bit whiny. The 15 year old had to go to the clinic and get meds for a sinus infection. By the end of the week, they were feeling a bit better and the sitter was back on the job.

Poppy and I were stressed and got into a big fight. There was lots of yelling and crying. But the puppy is finally starting to sleep at night. She seems to settle down when it's dark out. I love that in her. She actually slept one whole night all the way through. But mostly she only wakes once to go out. I don't mind that at all. I guess she was just too young when we got her. She was only 7 weeks. Now she's a very mature 10 weeks.

Luna in Gummy Bear costume 
The mother in law was putting on a Halloween Party at our clubhouse this weekend. Besides being a little off normally, she gets even worse in the fall. The stress of putting on a party by herself makes it even worse. She told the older boy that her party will be much better than the one his mother did. That was the best party our association ever had and he was very offended. She has a habit of offending the kids. Like when the middle one almost lost his eye and she bought a gift for the girl that instigated the accident and not her own injured grandson.

I was supposed to be helping Poppy with the costumes, but when I took the dog for a walk and stopped in the clubhouse, there was nothing there, no decorations, no dishes for the chips she bought, no food at all, just a few posters on the wall. I took the pup back home and got the middle boy, the baby, and our decorations, and we went back and decorated. I set out all the chips and helped as much as I could. There wasn't much there to work with. I wasn't really in the mood, because I was getting sick too.

I left when the baby got cranky, but there were only 2 kids at the party and I could't stand listening to the Pumpkin Patch Polka one more time. No kid over 3 would be interested in that garbage. I have no idea where she found that horrid Halloween CD, but it was scarier than chains and screams.

Dink with Bruised Cheek
After Luna napped a bit. Poppy took her back down and the 15 yr old went with his dad to decorate more. The party had gotten bigger, more kids came. The older boy doesn't like parties and came back. Asked me if I heard about the middle child. He fell and injured his face and had to go to the hospital. I went down to the clubhouse and there he was with a bag of ice on his face and arm.

I guess the swelling went down, because everyone said he looked better. I thought he looked like a zombie. Huge raised bruise and small cut on his cheekbone. He could barely move his arm. I checked him out and it seemed like just bruises, but they took him to the ER later just to be sure. That one needs a padded helmet with goggles and protective clothing.

At least when I walked the pup Sunday Morning at 5 am, I got to see just one meteor flash by Orion's thigh. I didn't even have my glasses on. That's the good thing about the stinking puppy.

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