Friday, January 4, 2013

Credit Vs Debt

I was posting that I have no credit, but also no debt. This is not entirely true as I still owe the IRS a bit and still owe on my student loans. Bankruptcy does not remove those two debts. I also have a teeny bit of credit, but not much.

I used to be, say 200K in debt with house, credit cards, and student loans. I also worked about 60 hours a week to pay off those debts, and I worked in very stressful situations for quite manic people most of the time. Even when my company was nice, I seemed to be involved with the maddest employees. I did have a few good supervisors and lots of good coworkers, but all in all, life was just stressful.

Now I work for myself, and I can be a bitch sometimes, but I don't fire myself if I talk back. So it's a lot easier to release stress. I don't make near the money I did, and because of the lack of credit, I really don't have as much. I do have a rood over my head, food in my stomach, and hot running water. Those are all wonderful things. I have a bed where I can get a good nights sleep too and a place to keep the supplies for my business, and I have a family and friends I love. I really don't need more.

So here's the balance sheet.

Stress + Debt = Nice house and things with very little time to enjoy or
No Stress + Little Debt = Rental cottage and times to enjoy life

I'm learning new things about life every day. She knows why the cage bird sings. I know why hermits live in caves and forage for food. Is there any land left in the US for homesteading?

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vintage eye said...

I know a little shed you could homestead in?! ;0

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