Sunday, January 20, 2013

Walking on Water

Yes anyone can walk on water if it's frozen, but for the past few weeks this guy (we'll call him Jesus) had been walking out on the lake after only 2 weeks of 30 degree weather and into 60 degree weather just to fish.

The other day he finally took a raft out by walking on the ice at the edge, and taking the raft out on the melted areas. This is only early January in Cleveland. Not really frozen lake kind of weather.

After he "docked" his raft at the edge of the ice, he bounced up and down on it, testing to see if it would hold him. I'm not quite sure how smart that was. We've been taking bets when he'll fall through.

We've been watching him for weeks now. His antics have been entertaining. We don't know who he is, as he lives on the other side of the lake. And we don't know everybody here.

As I watched him bouncing on the ice, I had a thought. Maybe he's not just obsessed with fishing. Maybe he has no money and he's just hungry. What a sad thought. Now that I thought of that, I kind of hope that he is just obsessed with fishing, and not starving. I know how that feels, I have foraged a bit when we were low on food in the spring.

Well, we're heading for colder weather and I'm sure the lake will freeze up again. I'm betting that Jesus will be walking on water again very soon.

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