Sunday, March 3, 2013

Life on Mars - The Week of High Winds

The last wind storm a tree blew over on our house. Seems like people get a little odd around here with the winds kick up too. Or should I say a little odder.

Tuesday night, winds caused power to flicker on and off just as I was writing to a seller who had her wrong payment information so my payment went nowhere, and she input a wrong tracking number so it looked like she was scamming me. I wrote her a long email, hit enter and the power cut out for just a second, but it was long enough to make my email disappear into the ether.

Wednesday, the power went out for three hours. That's the day I usually sew, but sales have been so lousy that I cleaned the house. That entailed switching loads and placing things in the washer for when power came back on, sweeping with a broom, and wiping the counters with the tiny bit of water I managed to get out of the water tank before it went totally dry. We have a well and no power, no pump, no water.

I had a seller that told me his 8 year old bought something from me and would I cancel the order. I really wish people would quit blaming their kids on their mistakes. Really. If you didn't see the $24 international shipping before you bought, I might think you were kinda dumb to buy before looking at shipping, but I'd understand.

Main door to the house is falling off the rotten frame again. Used to slam shut when the cats opened it, now it stays open and I can't keep it shut, because the latch barely reaches the hole for it. Every morning I come into a freezing room with the door to the outside open about 6". Storm door doesn't shut all the way either, so that's a waste too.

I cut off a piece of my thumb knuckle peeling an onion. I broke a molar and the chipped pieces are cutting my tongue. Shopping with the MIL lately is fun, she cut her med dose in half (without her Dr's knowledge) and she's worse in the dark of winter, so whenever we drive, every other car is driven by that damn drunk that hit her a few years ago.

Here's to a better next week. After all March comes in like a Lion and leaves like a Lamb, right?

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