Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On My 60th Birthday

I should be upset that I'm a senior now. Shouldn't I? Maybe I'm not because some of the coolest people I have ever known are over 60. Look at George Takei. He is absolutely the coolest old guy I know of.

Viktor Schreckengost was nearly 100 when he taught me Industrial Design, and 100 when he received the National Medal of Arts. And every day he was at school he helped us finish the daily crossword puzzles.

Bernard Pfriem was nearly 80 and recovering from a severe stroke when he would walk around Provence with his students at the Lacoste School of Arts that he founded. He didn't even let the fact that he was partially paralyzed keep him from besting most of us getting up and down the steep Provencal hills.

I met Betty Grable when she was close to 60. She was performing in a show with my Uncle on Broadway. She was sweet and kind and she had a 30 year old boyfriend. I need one of those.

Even my very cool leopard print and bangle bracelet wearing Kindergarten teacher was close to her 60's and kept teaching new kids long past that age.

And lets not forget my very cool Grandfather who dropped dead dressing for work at 72, he had no plans to retire. And my even cooler Stepmother, who would travel across the US in her car well past 60, and sleep at rest stops so she could visit relatives.

There are too many people I admire for what they've done in their senior years to list here today. I mean look at Hillary Clinton, Warren Buffet, Albert Einstein, oh and the list goes on. So many who have accomplished so much past their 60th Birthday. The prime of my life is just beginning.

Thank you all in advance for your best wishes and may you find the joy in old age that I'm sure I will.


Kreativlink said...

Happy Birthday!
And yes, the best is yet to come!

Orion Designs said...

Happy Birthday my friend! I think you are one super cool 60 year old. That's coming from a very cool 56 year old, so I may be a bit biased ;-)

laura slocum said...

you are cute! :)

Jane Skoch said...

Yes, the best is yet to come for you! You've met some pretty interesting people!

Pili said...

Happy Birthday!

And age is only relevant as far as you feel old or young!

Dina Fragola said...

Happy birthday. A bit late ;) And you met Betty Grable? For real? OMG

lostsentiments said...

Happy Birthday Cindy! I would not have guessed you were 60 sweets! :) Best wishes to you on your day! The best is yet to come indeed! ♥ Dawn

Renathe Schneider said...

We are never older than we feel!
Thanks for the invitation to the virtual Birthday Party! That was fun :)

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